Prohibited substances and methods

WADA’s List Expert Group, an international panel of experts, conducts a thorough analysis to decide which substances and methods should appear in the banned list across the globe. (It operates on the basis of three criteria: whether the substance or method enhances performance, is injurious to health or contravenes the spirit of sport.) The prohibited list is revised once a year. In exceptional circumstances, i.e. in the event of indications of abuse requiring urgent attention, it can be changed before the end of the year.


The prohibited list contains all banned substances and methods, which are divided into those that are prohibited at all times, substances that are prohibited in-competition and substances that are only prohibited in particular types of sport.

WADA further divides substances into ten classes (S0 to S9) along with two other classes (P1, P2), which are only prohibited in certain sports. There are three types of prohibited methods, M1 to M3. For a full description of the substances and other important information on the current WADA list, see

Contents of the prohibited list

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the list of prohibited substances and drugs in sport. For an authoritative version, go to the WADA website

Substances and methods that are banned at all times: 

Substances and methods prohibited in-competition:

Substances prohibited in particular sports: